Monday, January 18, 2010

#93--Attend a Redskins Game

Sunday, December 6th, I got to go see the Saints play the Redskins at home with a good friend, his dad, and his dad's friend. It was my Christmas present from him, since he knew this was on my list! It was UNBELIEVABLY cold outside, so I was wearing two pairs of pants, something like 6 shirts/jerseys/sweatshirts, gloves, and a hat. I look like I gained about 125 pounds!

We had amazing seats (his family has the coveted season tickets!) that gave us awesome field perspective. I could see every play almost perfectly, and I could see the TWENTY-THREE YARD FIELD GOAL THAT SUISHAM MISSED no problem. (Don't know what I'm talking about? See this video

And finally, here's an awesome picture of us enjoying the game before our epic fail of a lose.

So glad I got to cross this one off the list. I really hope I get to go back (preferably during a fall game) again, because it was an absolute blast despite the cold/losing.

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