Saturday, June 20, 2009

#87--Make a Scrapbook For a Person I Love

During the fall semester of '08, my best friend studied abroad in Rome, Italy. She was gone all semester, and even though she's normally far away from me for school anyway, I missed her so much. I had recently bought a Moleskine cahier notebook, and started turning it into a mini-scrapbook for her. I simply called it "I miss you."

I wish I had scans of all the pages, but I only have a few that I'm proud enough of to share.

#69--Do Something Worthy

It took a while for me to think about what I consider to be something "worthy." I was pretty sure, though, that when I did it, I would know.

In May, I started working at Planned Parenthood as an EMT/Health Center Assistant. Every day, I work with other amazing people trying to reduce the cost of contraceptives, educate people about safe sex, identify and treat STIs, and generally advocate for quality reproductive health care.

Sometimes it's difficult work. Being stared down or yelled at by protesters is never fun, nor is it easy to see women making tough decisions. But I know that I'm doing a good thing, and I know my effort is making a difference. Never have I been more proud of what I do, though.

#53--Model For an Art Class

I did this three times during fall semester, and it was so awesome! On a whim, I just emailed the art department and asked if they were looking for any models. Turns out they were looking for face models and nude models, and so I signed up. I did face modeling one day, and nude modeling two days. I didn't know if I'd have the guts to actually go through with the nude modeling, but I told myself I wanted to push my comfort zones a little bit, so I just bit the bullet and went for it.

It was really cool! I learned how to basically shut off all the things in my mind telling me to be self-conscious, or reminding me how uncomfortable it was to hold that pose. I was able to see the drawings the class produced, and they were truly amazing. I wish I had access to one to put on the blog, but sadly, I don't. If I ever get the ability to, I'll add it for sure.

#8--Travel via Plane Alone

On May 22nd, I flew alone from Norfolk, VA to New York City, and from there went on to Salt Lake City for the wedding of two friends. I had a lovely time there, and then flew back (through Atlanta) in time to go back to work. It was awesome to finally fly alone. On the way there, I sat next to a boy my age who was taking the same flights to SLC. We ended up talking and becoming friends, spending the many-hour layover together. We didn't exchange information or anything, so I have no idea what he's up to now, but it was really cool to make a new friend on my first solo flight!

Here's a picture of me with the happy couple I went to go see!

#1--Have a Steady Pen-Pal

Sorry about the lack of updates--I've been working on my list, I just keep forgetting to write about it! I'm going to date them as completed on the day that they were done, not the day I updated, though. Anyway!

Since January of 2008, I've been keeping in touch with a soldier named Scott. We started writing when he was in boot camp, and we still talk now that he's deployed in Iraq. I was lucky enough to get to meet him when he was on R&R in early May. I'd say that I've checked this one off, finally :)