Sunday, May 25, 2008

#84--Live As A Nudist For A Day

Well, for 24 hours, I did just that. I'm currently living in a place by myself, so I didn't have to worry about roommates.

Basically, I just lowered all the blinds and did the things I normally do, just...naked.

Things I learned:
When cross stitching naked, be sure you know where the needle is.
Make selections from the fridge very quickly.
If you stay naked for a while, you'll forget about it. Make sure you don't walk out the door.
Skin sticks to leather couches very uncomfortably.
When you walk past a mirror, you will most likely surprise yourself. "Oh, hey, I'm naked."

It was a really interesting experience, that's for sure.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

#85--List 100 Things That Make Me Happy About My Closest Loved Ones

I did another set of 100 for Anni, one of my absolute closest friends.

There's nothing quite like it, honestly. It really forces you to sit down and consider every reason why that person is so close to you. It's a wonderful feeling to be reminded about all the great qualities that person has, even if you never really forgot.

As much as they are affirming for one's friendships and other relationships, I think this could be really self-affirming. After I've done a set for my closest loved ones, I think I'll do one for myself as well.

Sorry I don't have more to report, but with exams and all, life was pretty hectic. I'm going to try to do a ton this summer while I'm not in school.

Until next time!