Tuesday, June 24, 2008

#43--Go On A Road Trip With Friends

On June 15th, a friend, her brother and I went from Norfolk, VA to Baltimore, MD (well, Towson, really) to see The Spill Canvas in concert. It took us way longer than it should have, thanks to a major accident on I-64, but we got there in time to be almost-first in line!

Notice the nice use of the seat-belt!

We left at 12pm, got there at 5pm, left around 1am, and got home at 5am. It was a very long night, but it was completely worth it. Why, you ask?

I got to meet the guys of The Spill Canvas! It was so great, I could hardly believe it. I also got to meet their Stage/Guitar Manager, Ace, who was probably the coolest person ever. I just regret not getting a picture with him :(

In any event, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. But I definitely want to take a much more long-distance road trip with 3 or 4 friends sometime soon! I think that would be fun. Maybe New York? Who knows!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

#55--Spend A Weekend Alone

This happened more by force than choice. Living by myself in a place where I don't know anyone leaves me sort of pressed for things to do. I'd drive the 40 minutes back to my school's town to hang out with friends there, but the gas just isn't worth it.

So this weekend I've spent alone. Honestly, I've been alone since Thursday evening, and I won't be seeing anyone until Monday at 10 for an interview. It's okay, though, it helps me accomplish this goal.

I've made Easy Mac and Ramen, I made myself brinner (breakfast for dinner), I've watched Home Improvement on Nick at Nite's Summer Improvement Week. I've read pages and pages in Paramedic by Peter Canning, and I've cross stitched a ton. I write blog entries and I talk on the phone. I listen to music and take long baths. I've sat on the balcony drinking tea during sunrise. I even walked down to the grocery store and just wandered through the aisles, picking things up and looking at them and checking out the people who were there too. It's boring. But the coolest part has been lying on the couch going in and out of consciousness at random times during the day, because I have nowhere to go and no one to impress.

But I'm tired of it. I guess I thought of a lot of free time as being a mini-vacation. In some ways it is, but in others...well, vacations are usually spent with other people. I don't really feel safe walking down the streets downtown by myself, so I haven't really met...uh...anyone. It's okay, though, this is what I wanted to do, and now I've done it. I feel a sense of accomplishment, but I look forward to starting my job and interacting with people on a daily basis.