Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#94--Have My Portrait Drawn/Painted

The amazing Sebastian Koever was kind enough to do a drawing of me for my 101 Things list. He did it from my webcam (while I was sitting in the dark), and still managed to capture little things like my scar, my headphones, and my headboard. This guy is seriously awesome, and you should look at his other work sometime if you ever have the chance.

Thank you again for taking the time to do this for me, Seb. I appreciate it so much!

#72--Keep A Steady Journal

I started my journal back in January of 2008, when I started my 101 Things list. I decided that I wanted it to be a "visual journal," where I could write things but also try and express myself in some artistic ways if possible. I'd say it's been pretty successful, and I still keep up with it to this day. I think that 2+ years of journaling counts as "steady!"

I've scanned a few of my favorites into my computer. Please excuse the foul language in most of them, but that's just who I am :)

#101--Be Able To Do A Split

This spring semester I was able to take a yoga class as part of my curriculum. I absolutely loved it and had no clue how difficult it would actually prove to be. I expected that yoga would be some easy-going relaxing class, but boy was I wrong. I left that class sweating and groaning every day. I had no clue how hard she would push us. But, to my surprise and excitement, all the hard work paid off and I was finally able to cross off item 101! Here's a bad shot of me doing the split (and you can just barely make out my cat lazing about in the background, haha!).

No telling how long that ability will last, but it's definitely exciting just to have been able to do it before my 101 days were up!

#58--Send A Message In A Bottle

Now, no one said that this message had to be thrown into the ocean or anything like that, so I still count this as a win. A friend of mine sent me an incredibly heavy box. When I say "incredibly heavy," I mean that this particular box weighed twenty two pounds. So, I open it up and what do I find? A large box full of sand.

As he said, the contents were quite buried and I needed to dig thoroughly. I found a message in a bottle sent to me, along with a copy of The Old Man and the Sea, to help me cross off #99. So, in return, I wrote a letter, stuck it in the bottle, and sent it back to him. I'm very happy knowing that not only did I send a message in a bottle, but I also received one :)

#16--Learn To Cook Something Well

This post is a bit outdated. The actual learning and cooking took place in roughly September, I believe. At the time, I was dating a boy who was really encouraging me to learn how to cook (he's a great cook), so I was getting more adventurous in my culinary excursions. My favorite thing that I made that I feel I could easily make again was baked ziti. I LOVED it, and so did he. It was incredibly tasty and I would be very happy making it for a dinner party or potluck in the future!