Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#101--Be Able To Do A Split

This spring semester I was able to take a yoga class as part of my curriculum. I absolutely loved it and had no clue how difficult it would actually prove to be. I expected that yoga would be some easy-going relaxing class, but boy was I wrong. I left that class sweating and groaning every day. I had no clue how hard she would push us. But, to my surprise and excitement, all the hard work paid off and I was finally able to cross off item 101! Here's a bad shot of me doing the split (and you can just barely make out my cat lazing about in the background, haha!).

No telling how long that ability will last, but it's definitely exciting just to have been able to do it before my 101 days were up!


Neil said...

Ooh, I remember this picture. Yay you! :D

Anonymous said...

There's a split in this picture?